Textile designer Aleksandra Gaca is fascinated by weaving technique and three-dimensional constructions. Experiments with self-made weaves and unusual materials have generated innovative fabric structures. Through this unique combination of weave and material she strives to achieve an as yet undiscovered added value. In her work she is continuously seeking the cutting edge between autonomous art, design and spatial design. The fabrics are suitable to all disciplines: from fashion to architecture.

STUDIO - Aleksandra Gaca is specialised in developing exclusive textile design on a contract-basis, in co-operation with both architects and interior architects. In addition, the studio contributes to commercial collections: curtain and furniture coverings, rugs and home accessories. Recent projects include design exclusive bedspreads for luxury hotels. For Belgian company CASALIS she designed the collection poufs and plaids: Slumber and from Architextiles collection, fabric Cello. Own Label collections include collection ARCHITEXTILES.

ARCHITEXTILES - 3D Acoustic Textiles Architextiles is a series of sound absorbing textiles with a woven 3D structure. Due to their ribbed texture, these fabrics absorb sound waves much better than flat textiles. Thus contributing to a more muted environment. These textile panels combine two features: noise reduction and decoration. The undulating surface creates a play of light and shadow. This conceptual approach lies at the intersection of art, design and architecture. As a result, this functionally versatile collection can be widely applied: from high end private interiors via interior designers through to large scale architecture.

Special Projects using the Architextiles fabrics are being realized in the Aleksandra Gaca design studio. Here the focus is on the FLORO, ONDO, RHOMBUS and BLOKO weaves. Custom-made colours, colour transition, different compositions or new designs are made possible.

Casalis Collection include fabric CELLO, available in 9 colours. 

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