The history of Julia Glassworks dates back to XIX century and is one of the oldest crystal glass manufactures in Poland.

For many companies, manual process of manufacturing is solely a cost creating factor that needs to be reduced. For Julia Crystal Glass Factory, it is the largest value that gives great production flexibility. Hence, their design and process boldly go beyond the traditional frames of what is known as an ordinary crystal glass.

It is an experiment with form and decor. As a consequence, their final products, manufactured on a small scale, meet needs of a very demanding customer. Julia is a constantly widening range of unique projects. It is an offer for a costumer who is interested in connecting tradition with modernity.

The Collection, with its simple, geometric forms and vertical decor enhancing sparkle and light, is a reference to modern metropolitan areas with its ultra fast life and traffic - the sound of a busy street going into the noise of a night club and a
dawn that hardly breaks through the neons and city screens. That is the Metropolis – an architecture of a table. It forms new directions, streets and intersections... between meals.
Designed by: Sebastian Pietkiewicz

Down to earth and having solely a serviceable use in the past. Today they are back in a quite another, sentimental form. Popular, classic shapes of bottles for milk, whisky, beer, vodka or a jar for cucumbers. Subtle cuts bring out the elegance of crystal. Their contemporary function depends only on our imagination.
Designed by: Sebastian Pietkiewicz